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Seiko Teriostar LP-2050 Series

2050 Spec Sheet




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  Key Features:

  • Teriostar family adds a new member to meet customer demand for superior work efficiency and easy operation.
  • Teriostar LP-2050 offers unparalleled productivity and ease-of-use.
  • Unparalleled productivity and ease-of-use
  • High speed printing and scanning
  • LP-2050 boasts a new print engine and scanner that enables print speed of 10 D-size prints per minute and scanning speed of up to 240 mm per second for both color*1and black & white.
  • Space-saving compact design
  • With a compact design of 1200 mm/47” (W) and 640 mm/25” (D), the Teriostar family saves space and enables easy printer positioning even in small workspaces.
  • Easy-to-use large 8.5” color touchscreen
  • Parallel processing - Users can copy, print and scan at the same time.
  • Automatic roll paper width detection
  • No need for users to manually change roll settings. LP-2050 can automatically detect the paper width..

Other Features:

  • Process cartridge for reducing downtime
  • 2 output slots (Stacker is optional)
  • User replaceable toner cartridge
  • Large capacity waste toner bottle

New Software Suite - Streamline Your Workflow:

  • Batch print function

    LP-2050 supports various data formats like HP-GL, TIFF and PDF. With simple drag-and-drop operation, users can batch print multiple files in supported file formats.

  • Viewer function

    LP-2050 allows users to view file contents in supported file formats like TIFF, PDF or JPEG without opening each application.

  • Scan to File

    Scan driver converts wide format drawings to electronic data. Users can scan directly to a TIFF or PDF files and convert those files to other formats like BMP for offline user or for archiving drawings.

Quick Specifications:

Imaging Method Electrophotographic Technology
(LED exposure / single component type dry development / OPC drum)
Output Resolution 600 dpi
Continuous Output Speed 9.0 A1-size prints per minute/
10 D-size prints per minute
Print Width Maximun 914mm (36 inches),
Minimum 279mm (11 inches)
Print Length Maximum 15 meters (49 feet)
Guaranteed print area Full area excluding 5 mm each from frond end,
rear end and right/left side
Paper Feed 4-rolls (36”/A0/A1/A2/A3)
Paper Types Plain paper, tracing paper (75g/m2), Matt film (90um)
Data Formats HP-GL, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, TIFF
Resolution 600 dpi
Scanning Speed Black & white/color: Maximum 240 mm (9.4 inches) per second
Scanning Width Maximum 914 mm (36 inches)
Minimum 182 mm (7 inches)
Scanning Length Maximum 15 meters (49 feet)
Data Formats Black & White: TIFF, PDF
Memory 2 GB
Hard Disk 320 GB
Interface Ethernet (10Base-T / 100Base-Tx / 1000Base-T)
Network Protocol TCP/IP( ftp, lpr, socket)
Logical Port 20 ports
Web Function Available
Dimensions 1200 (W) x 640 (D) x 1200 (H) mm/47 x 25 x 47 inches
Weight 250 kg or less
Power Voltage AC120V±10% (USA version)
Power Consumption Operation: less than 1.95 KW,
Energy saving mode: less than 16.5 W
Warm-Up Time 3 minutes or less

Note: Product specifications subject to change without notice.