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Affordable Plain-Paper Productivity

We began with our Xerox 2510 Engineering Copier featuring enhanced vellum and polyester film imaging capabilities. Then we combined it with the cut-sheet convenience of the Xerox Cutter I and a modular stand. The result is our most productive, popular-priced engineering copier ever: The Xerox 2510 Engineering Copier System.

With the Xerox 2510 System you can make multiples or distribution sets of permanent, black-on-white copies up to 36 " wide by any manageable length, in record time. The system lets you copy onto economical plain paper and unsensitized vellum or film. It accepts almost any original-drawings, bond or translucent CAD plots, sepias-even bluelines. And the Xerox 2510 System can copy from rigid originals up to 1/8 " thick.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

You can work quickly with the Xerox 2510 System, because everything you need is within easy reach. In fact, with the Xerox 2510 System you can produce an E-size print in less than a minute. And you can produce more than 100 D-size prints in less than an hour.

The cutter module automatically dispenses sheets of copy media, cut neatly to the size you specify. And the new original feeding guides make handling originals easier, so you can get started on your next copy right away.

Cut-sheet convenience with roll media economy: This sheet-fed engineering copier lets you take advantage of economical roll media, eliminating the need to handle and store bulky packages of pre-cut sheets. And you save on inventory cost, because one roll can accommodate two standard cut-sheet sizes.

The Xerox 2510 System cutter module is preprogrammed to cut sheets from rolls in B-E or A3-AO sizes. To accommodate special requirements, you can program up to nine custom sizes into the solid-state, permanent memory. There's no trimming waste or labor expense because the system cuts each sheet to the exact size you specify.

Fits virtually any office environment: Because the 2510 System is odor-free, and uses no ammonia or liquid chemicals, it can work wherever you need it. It comes with its own modular stand, and its trim size will fit nearly any office environment.

Put affordable plain-paper productivity to work for you: Call your Authorized Xerox Representative for an appointment to see the Xerox 2510 Engineering Copier System today.

Contact Us to request further product information.

Xerox 2510 System Specifications

Document input: Transparent or opaque originals. Maximum Size: 36 " wide by any manageable length. Rigid originals up to Vs " thick.

Copy output: Manual Feed: single sheets and rolls. Maximum Size: 36 " wide by any manageable length.

Media: xerographic and translucent bonds, vellums, and polyester film!

Speed: Constant at 10 fpm for all copy output,

Magnification: ¬Ī1 %; magnification is also influenced by type of copy media used and/or operator technique.

Microprocessor Control Functions

Quality Enhancement

  • Document Input (light/dark): use to reduce or eliminate unwanted background.
  • Copy Contrast (adjustable in 5 steps): darkens or lightens image.
  • Copy Output (bond, vellum, film): programs for selected media.

Status Indicators

  • Ready to Copy (with audible signal) Power Saver Standby
  • Resetable Copy Counter Copier Status Codes
  • Extensive Service Diagnostics

Electrical Requirements

Sole use of a 120 volt, 20 ampere AC circuit. (A duplex outlet is required.)


Engineering Copier Module

  • Initial Warm-up: 80 seconds
  • Power Saver Standby: 2 to 30 second warm-up
  • Continuous Copies: Instantaneous

Cutter Module

  • Initial Warm-up: Instantaneous

Size and Weight

  • Height 481/2"
  • Width 55"
  • Depth 32" (Excludes rear roll holder.)

Weight (by module)

  • Engineering Copier Module
  • Cutter Module: 115 lbs
  • Module Stand: 115 lbs

Cutter Module Specifications

Media roll size: Accepts single rolls in 16.54 " to 36.0 " widths in standard inch and metric sizes nominal roll lengths to 500'or 63/4 " in diameter.

Standard output sizes: B-E sheets (in I I " x 17 " and 12 " x 18 " multiples); A3-AO (in standard metric sizes). Manual selection of sheet lengths from 10.0 " to 409.9 " to the nearest tenth of an inch.

Output media: Engineering/drafting media including paper (bond or diazo) and vellum to 24 lb weights; drafting film to 4 mil thick.

Output quantity: Select 1-99 sheets.

Agency approvals: UL and CSA

Product data subject to change without notice.