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When image is everything. And reliability and value are everything else.

Every time you present a drawing, you're making an impression. With the Xerox 2515RF Engineering Copier, you'll always be sure it's a good one. It's an economical plain-paper copier with a built-in bonus: a roll feeder and synchronized cutter that make it more convenient than ever to get accurate, great-looking copies the first time, every time. And of course, it offers the value and reliability you always expect from Xerox.

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Technical Specifications for Xerox 2515RF Engineering Copier


  • Produces B- through E-size copies
  • Built-in Environmental Compensation System
  • Holds 250' roll of plain bond paper or vellum
  • Accepts roll widths from 16.5" to 36"
  • Operator selectable to any desired copy size


  • Maximum size:
  • Roll-feed manual: 36" to any manageable length
  • Synchro-cut mode: 36" x 60"
  • Manual: 36" to any manageable length
  • Types: Opaque, translucent & transparent
  • Thickness: 1/8" maximum
  • Maximum image width: 36"
  • Margin edge adjust: Up to 1" trail edge
  • Reproduction accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Long plot: Copies originals size-for-size up to 36" wide by 60", or any manageable length


  • Warm-up time: Initial warm-up 90 seconds
  • From power-saver standby: 25 seconds
  • First-copy-out time: Less than 25 seconds for D-size landscape
  • Rated speed: 10 linear feet per minute
  • Copy throughput: (Nominal speeds) B-size 5 per min.; C-size 3 per min.; D-size 3 per min.; E-size 2 per min.


  • Type: Xerox 20-lb. xerographic bond (Xerox 4024DP/4200DP), 20-lb. Improved Zero Solvent Vellum, 4-Mil Accu-Image Plus Film (manual bypass only)
  • Feeding: 1 roll, manual bypass
  • Cutting: Auto length, manual programming


  • 120V 20 AMP (duplex outlet required)


  • Weight 270 lbs.
  • Height 46.5"
  • Width 55"
  • Depth 26"
  • Installation Space: 103" x 89"

Key features

  • Roll-media feeder assures accurate media feeding to optimize machine performance and copy quality.
  • Synchro-cut will cut the print media to match the original document size precisely.
  • Copy contrast settings allow highest possible copy quality.
  • Partial copy feature allows you to focus on just the area you need to copy.
  • Copy quality controlled with light and dark input keys.
  • Recall feature automatically restores settings from the previous job.
  • Low-toner indicator monitors the toner level to ensure copy quality is consistent at all times.

Agency approvals: UL and CSA

Product data subject to change without notice.