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Reduction And Enlargement Capabilities At Your Point Of Need.

The full-featured performance of the Xerox 3060 brings design drafting and production printing to your point-of-need. High-quality copies do more than look good. They enable error-free communications. By delivering crisp, clean copies, the Xerox 3060 Engineering Copier can enhance your communications. But it also does a lot more. The 3060 offers a zoom optical system with a range of 45 to 200 percent that can be positioned in 0.5 percent increments, allowing you to reduce or enlarge your documents to the exact size and scale you need.

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Technical Specifications for Xerox 3060 Engineering Copier


  • Maximum Size: 36" x 20' long (single copy mode); 36" x 60" long (multicopy mode)
  • Minimum Size: 8 1/2" x 11" (portrait)
  • Types: Opaque, translucent and transparent documents Note: A document carrier (8R3628) is recommended for damaged or very delicate documents
  • Thickness: Up to 3mm thick


  • Warm-up time: Standby less than 3 minutes; cold start 5-7 minutes
  • First Copy Out Time (FCOT): Less than 20 seconds D size (24" x 36")
  • Rated speed: 15 linear feet per minute
  • Copy throughput (multiple copy mode): 3 E size (36" x 48") per minute; 6 D size (24" x 36") per minute; 8 C size (18" x 24") per minute
  • Multiple copies: Selectable, 1-15 copies per document


  • Type: 20 lb. bond, Improved 20 lb. Zero Solvent vellum and 4 mil Zero Solvent film
  • Supply: Roll stock selectable from any of three on-line feed rollers; each with a capacity up to 36" x 500' (36" x 150' for .004 drafting film).
  • Manual bypass for special media applications


  • 115 VAC/30 amp dedicated line


  • Weight 1000 lbs.
  • Height 56"
  • Width 57"
  • Depth 36"
  • Installation space: 100" x 105"

Agency approvals: UL and CSA

Product data subject to change without notice.