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Time is money. Spend it wisely.

Today you're expected to deliver more than ever before, in less time, and with fewer resources. You need to find ways to work more efficiently, without compromising on quality. You need to give your engineering staff more time to design and create their projects. How can you do that? Xerox Engineering Systems has your answer.

Focus on your products, not on your documents.

With the Xerox 8830 Digital Document System, you'll spend less time on locating, printing, scanning, and copying drawings - and more time on creating, designing, and selling your products. This fast, affordable, multifunctional solution will give you extra hours-or even extra days-over the life of your project. So you can concentrate on the design cycle, not the documents.

Network connections.

You can connect the 8830 DDS directly to your network. You'll get fast, high-quality wide-format printing right from your desktop. You can set scanning parameters right at your desktop, and once the documents are scanned, you'll have easy access to them. The system uses standard interfaces, so it's easy to configure with your existing equipment and future components. The 8830 DDS client software suite also supports multiple platforms and operating systems.

Create digital files with scan-to-network capabilities.

With the 8830 DDS, you can capture legacy drawings and store them in a digital format quickly and easily. Unlike typical scan-to-file solutions, the 8830 DDS Document Retrieval Tool gives you the power of scan-to-network, so the scanned documents are easily accessible for editing or archiving. There's no more time wasted waiting for drawings to be copied and delivered.

Concurrency eliminates bottlenecks.

You'll be more productive than ever with concurrent scanning and printing. You can scan documents while someone else is printing from the network, and when copying is a priority, you can interrupt printing to make your copies-and the system automatically resumes the print job once you're finished. You'll eliminate bottlenecks in document production, and save valuable time and labor.

Save turnaround time and labor.

A three-roll media capacity lets you create finished sets from A- to E-size without the extra time and labor required for trimming prints or changing media rolls. When loaded with the same size and type of media, the 8830 DDS automatically switches rolls, allowing for unattended operation and higher productivity.

Accelerate your document production.

The scanning and printing speeds combined with the processing capability of the 8830 DDS allow you to complete jobs up to three times faster than the competition. There's no PC required to create sets, just a simple user interface that allows you to collate electronically, and scan sets only once to make up to 999 copies. Client software such as the Document Submission Tool and Print Manager Tool puts you in control-build and print sets of mixed files, view the queue from your desktop, and more. You'll spend less time at the copier, and more time at your desk.

Simplicity at its best.

Anyone can make crisp, clear copies in just seconds on the 8830 DDS. With its simple, push-button interface, you can just walk up and scan in your documents for perfect prints. You can set print parameters quickly and easily-specify the number of copies, reduce or enlarge from 25 to 400 percent, and recall the last job you scanned to print a different size or quantity. Even if you position the original off center, the 8830 DDS automatically adjusts the alignment.

Superior images automatically.

You'll get high-quality copies and prints at 400 dpi. We've taken it a step further; with the Xerox-patented AutoIQ, the 8830 DDS automatically adjusts for different types of originals. Even difficult documents such as bluelines and sepias come out looking sharp, since AutoIQ reduces dark backgrounds and enhances hard-to-read lines.

The finishing touches.

The 8830 DDS offers electronic collation, so you don't have to sort through stacks of documents by hand. The optional high-capacity Xerox Stacker 1000 allows for unattended operation, since it holds up to 1,000 prints of mixed sizes. The Xerox 8830 Folder Module is a fully integrated, on-line document folder that's easy to use and folds accurately and consistently.

A modular solution that fits your needs today and tomorrow.

The 8830 DDS is modular, combining the very popular Xerox 8830 Engineering Printer and the fast Xerox 7356 Engineering Scan Module. These components can function independently as a wide-format printer and a wide-format scanner, and driven by the powerful 8830 controller, they create an unbeatable digital document solution. And since the components are modular, you can easily incorporate tomorrow's technology into your system when your needs change.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee is our promise that you'll be 100 percent satisfied with your purchase for up to three years. For details, contact your RES sales representative.

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Technical Specifications for Xerox 8830 Digital Document System



  • Power PC 740, 200 MHz


  • 64 MB SDRAM standard
  • Expandable to 192 MB


  • Standard 2.2 GB UltraSCSI; 7200 RPM; internal drive


  • 80 ft. printing
  • 100 ft. copying


  • CGM
  • HP-GL/HP-GL2
  • HP-RTL
  • CalComp 906/907/951/PCI
  • TIFF 6
  • NIRS
  • CALS I & II
  • Versatec Raster
  • VDS
  • CCITT G4
  • (all color formats converted to gray scale)


  • VPI, SCSI-2
  • Bidirectional Centronics
  • Optional internal Ethernet card supports 10 BaseT, 10 Base2 (future support for 100 BaseTX)


  • TCP/IP with lpr/lpd
  • Novell IPX/SPX PServer 3.1/4.1 with NDS
  • Ethertalk
  • NetBEUI


  • ADI Print Drivers for AutoCAD R12, R13, and R14 (without raster)
  • Print Drivers for Windows 3.11/NT/95
  • Printer Manager Tool for Windows 3.11/NT/95
  • Document Submission Tool for Windows 3.11/NT/95
  • Document Retrieval Tool for Windows NT/95
  • Printer Manager/ Document Submission Tool for Sun Solaris

* Updated client software is located in the Print Drivers section



  • Xerographic LED


  • Organic


  • Three rolls, 500 ft.
  • Manual sheet bypass


  • Bond
  • Tracing Paper
  • Vellum
  • Film


  • A to E


  • 400 dpi


  • 3 ips


  • Up to 6 D-size or 3 E-size per minute


  • 100-120/240 V, 60/50 Hz, 16/8 amps

Agency approvals: UL and CSA

Product data subject to change without notice.

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